Craig Stanley

Craig Stanley

CEO and Founder

Since founding CBO Financial in 1999, Craig Stanley has worked with an extensive contact base to directly facilitate the investment of more than $700M into projects within low-income communities. He has raised more than $209.9M in capital and closed $332M in Qualified Low-Income Community Investments (QLICIs). Additionally, he has taken a leadership role in developing successful NMTC Allocation Applications for eleven clients, securing $378M in NMTC allocations for them in six rounds.

As our principal fundraising contact for NMTC-related equity capital investors, Craig provides ongoing guidance and oversight to a client’s entire NMTC business line, with an emphasis on deploying capital and program compliance. He also provides other certified development entities (CDEs) financial counseling and other services (FCOS), such as: education; assistance with the assembly of internal and external teams to form, certify, and manage a CDE; and assistance with developing competitive NMTC applications.

Craig is passionate about spreading the word regarding financial opportunities open to low-income communities. He has hosted workshops and given conference presentations to share his considerable expertise about how to invest, manage, and comply with the NMTC program.

Craig lives in Clarksville, MD, with his wife and two grown children. He enjoys photography and sailing when time permits.

CONTACT: or 410-730-0490